Warhawks looking to fill several off-ice positions

Mar 28, 2018

The Willmar Warhawks, proud members of the NA3HL, are looking for candidates interested in the following positions, to assist the organization with game-day operations and more.  If interested, please contact Mike Bowman at mbowman@willmarwarhawks.com

Billet Coordinator — Secure Billet families based upon organizations requirements and minimum standards.  Also help facilitate relations between Coaches / billets, players / billets and players families / billets.   Once season begins, coordinator simply maintains the relationship between the program and billets. Majority of this position’s responsibilities are completed in the in Spring / Summer

Social Media Coordinator — Establish a major presence weekly and daily on social media platforms to include, but not limited to, Facebook, instagram, snapchat and twitter.  This position will work closely with the organization to develop, promote and disseminate content via social media.  Coordinator will also work with the organization to develop contests and promotions to enhance the online presence and following, as well as gather customer information for email marketing and other outreach campaigns.  Social Media Coordinator will also be part of game-day staff, and will help work in securing video and sound bites for use in promo videos and online posts.

Game-day Staff — Duties and responsibilities to be outlined based upon position.  Each position will have primaries and backups, wherein the backups will be notified by primaries when not available.  Game-day staff is a major part of the face of the organization and operational success during events.

Interns —  Support social media coordinator, marketing / sales director, game-day operations, and broadcasting / video.  These positions can be developed for credit with cooperation from colleges / universities.  The interns will work as a team to ensure all duties on game-days are completed, and all will be trained on the different positions.  When a need arises, interns will fill in as game-day staff.  Interns will also be responsible for fan-experience during the games, helping to research, create and implement interactive activities and promotions.  Interns, once trained, will have major responsibilities regarding execution of events before, during and after home games.