WarHawks Assist CCT Senior Transportation Program

Sep 14, 2022

The Willmar WarHawks along with Mid-Minnesota Development Commission and Walts Car Wash teamed up to help fundraise and build awareness for the CCT (Central Community Transit) program. This is what Tiffany Collins, Transit Director, had to say about the event:

“Thank you to the Willmar Warhawks, Mid-Minnesota Develop Commission and Walts Car Wash for a very successful fundraising and information sharing event!  All of the efforts are greatly appreciated!  The exposure that this event created will go a long way to helping CCT reach its goals of adding more volunteers to our programing.  I especially want to thank the Warhawks organization and its players for all the hard work and community support and Terry Smith for organizing and connecting us with this great opportunity.  Thank you all!”

Terry Smith, Regional Transportation Coordinator for Mid-Minnesota Development Commission had this to add:

“We distributed over 150 flyers and the personal one on one conversations explaining CCT Senior Transportation program are enormous! Thank you, and the WarHawks for making this all possible!”

Nate Schueller and the Willmar WarHawks would like to thank everyone who made this possible and look forward to assisting with future events benefiting our community!