Huge Weekend Series vs Rival Alexandria

Oct 17, 2018

This weekend marks the first 1/3 of games this season vs rival Alexandria Blizzard.  The Warhawks have struggled early on this season, picking  up only one point in an overtime loss in Peoria this past weekend.  Despite all of that, the team prepares for this upcoming weekend the way they prepare for all games.

“It’s the type of games that come down to who wants it more,” says Head Coach Sam Posa, in his first season behind the bench with the Warhawks.  “The team that plays the hardest, and the smartest, and gets some bounces, will prevail in these games.”

Alexandria, meanwhile, sits a couple spots ahead of the Warhawks in the division, with a 4-5 record heading into their 10th game.  Last season, the Blizzard finished 3rd in the division, just 2 points out of first place.  Willmar finished 4th, clinching their first playoff appearance in their brief 2-year history.

“We have a very young team, a lot of guys that are cutting their teeth in junior hockey here in Willmar.  While this is an extremely tough division to do that, we’re confident that at some point, the climb will start to peak, and this group will begin skating with the wind at their backs, and executing at a higher level,” Mike Bowman, Associate Head Coach and Director of  Business Operations remarked. “It’s a great group of young guys, with a couple key veterans here to help them, that will fight through this battle together, and be better players and young men because of it. There is something to be said for people who go through difficult situations and never waiver.  This weekend’s games will be another test in young season.”

The Warhawks play Friday in Alexandria at 7:10 pm, before returning home for Saturday’s 7:30 start at the Willmar Civic Center.

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